Cheap Flights, Car Hire

Where to find cheap flights and Car hire? This is the first thing on our minds when we are looking to go on holiday or on a business trip. And with the convenience of the internet, finding cheap flights and car hire has never been easier. All this can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

Even though travel agencies have expanded their business to the internet to make bookings, more easily, it is still a tedious task to do the search to find that perfect price that will suit your budget. Even with the rise in fuel costs there are still amazing deals to be got on cheap flights, car hire and accommodation. That makes going to the travel agency a thing of the past, because they simply cannot match the online deals.

There are however companies that specialises in travel memberships which give their members whole sale prices on travel deals that includes, flights, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance and cruises. The first thing you may wonder how this is possible. The reason for this is that they dont have travel agency offices and staff to pay so their overheads are significantly reduced.

With low overheads the Travel “Club” for a better word, then pass on the discount to their members. As a member you get your own virtual office where you then organize your own bookings and have access to the latest deals. It is important to note that these deals are also available to non members but then the saving is not as good. Travel Club companies buy the deals in bulk and normally from large well known brands that everybody recognises.

Travel clubs are growing in popularity because you will be able to go on holidays to destinations and accommodations that you would normally not be able to afford. Cheap flights and car hire is possible through the travel club. There is something worth mentioning that if you introduce a friend to the club you actually get a reward which you could put towards your next holiday.

Even in the current economic climate we still go on holidays because we need to relax from the daily grind and stresses from the office. Using the Travel Club makes organising all the aspects of your holiday as easy as pie, and there are other people who are also members that are glad to share their experiences with you. So you will know more about the country or area you will be going to and have some degree on what to expect.