How To Buy Very Cheap Flights Up To 70% Less With These Airline Insider Tips

If you are looking for very cheap flights online, there are a few considerations you can make prior to booking your ticket that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per flight.

A little understanding of how airlines price their flights, what days and times they like you to fly, and what they expect 90% of flyers to do when travelling including where they stay and how long they stay, all makes a big difference to the price you’ll pay.

If you are looking for very cheap flights, the type of website or agent you buy your flights from also has a huge impact on the end price you’ll pay for your ticket.

The reason for this is that there are several ways airlines promote seats on flights. They sell wholesale flights to travel agents, as well as selling direct to you the customer via their own website(s), and they also offer flights at wholesale prices in bulk to consolidators. These flights are known as consolidator fares.

What most people don’t realize when buying tickets, and what agents and airlines won’t tell you is that you the customer can also buy very cheap flights wholesale and direct from consolidators online and from the same places as wholesalers do.

What’s the catch I hear you say? There aren’t many. It is true that are a few tricks to finding and navigating these websites but you can do this with a few simple tips and tricks that anyone can follow. Once you understand what you are looking at, the door to a whole world of low cost flights will open for you and you can fly for much much less.

OK you may feel a little sheepish sitting next to your fellow passenger on the plane knowing you have paid up to 70% less for your flight than they did or smug that you’ve been upgraded to business or first class by mentioning a couple of things when booking or boarding your flight, but you can feel satisfied knowing you have legally and ethically applied a little insider knowledge to get the absolute best deals whenever you travel.

There are many little things you can do to save on accommodation, car rental and more if you know what to look for, what to ask and when all of which can also make your travels more enjoyable through upgrades and freebies.

Very cheap flights are just the beginning of what you can enjoy when travelling when you know where to look. It’s very satisfying for both your pocket and pride knowing you have applied a little smart airline insider knowledge to get the absolute best flight deals possible.