Myths About The Cheapest Deal in International Flights

It is a well known fact that air fare changes every other hour and day. However, industry experts have given some general timing and months when the cost of reservation with several carriers is comparatively lower. Similarly, airlines reduce price of bookings in the lean season to attract fliers. These are some tested and tried formulas to ensure to get cheap tickets, but there are several myths that are popular in the industry to grab the cheapest deal. Here is a list of some of the popular ones that are not based on any logic and often mislead travellers.

Magic Hour

It is one of the biggest misconceptions among people, that there is a magic hour to buy tickets when the air fare is the lowest. As per experts, air fares change minute by minute, hence deducing any such hour is not possible. Similarly, there is no magic day to make reservations with any carriers. However, people who go to office or attend schools and colleges avoid weekdays for travelling; hence, the rush is low during the week and airlines usually announce offers to meet the load factor challenges. In such cases, weekdays can prove to a cheaper option in comparison to weekends.

Expensive Last-minute Fares

As mentioned above, carriers may announce deals or cheap flight tickets and offers for some specific route for last-minute fliers. Hence, such bookings are not always expensive as mentioned by many. However due to high demand on several routes, fares can be quite expensive. Carriers often have full bookings and due to high demand and low supply, the cost automatically goes up. People looking for cheap last-minute deals can subscribe to alerts offered by travel portals that provide information regarding such schemes as and when they are released.

Fare Wars

It is believed that if one airline offers discount on several routes, other service providers operating on the same routes will also announce such discounts. This was true a few years back, but in this age of mergers and codeshare agreements, this is not an absolute fact. For instance, Etihad recently invested a huge amount in Jet Airways, and if any of these carriers earn profit, it will be beneficial for both of them. Hence, if one of them is giving discount, the other will not try to compete as the result will be seen in the financial books of both the airlines. Apart from this, many a time, these service providers help each other for the convenience of travellers. For instance, airlines may reduce their fares for certain destinations to promote their partners. Hence, it is advised that travellers grab the deal as soon as offers are announced instead of waiting for other ones. Fare wars still exist but are not as common as they used to be especially in case of international operations.

Round Trips are Economical

Many people think that booking round trip from one to other country is economical as compared to one-way bookings. Different airlines have edge over other on specific routes, hence they charge fares accordingly. Hence, experts advice on doing a thorough research before making the booking to get the cheapest deals, instead of relying on popular tricks as the aviation industry is dynamic in nature. A trick can be useful at one point of time, and totally useless at the other.